Posted on Mon, Jun. 20, 2005
Bonnie Bing

Perfection, huh
My friend Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan at the Wall Street Journal wrote about these, and I'm going to e-mail her right away and ask if there are jeans anywhere that combine the two. Who wouldn't want a derriere-shrinking, tummy-tucking pair of jeans?

She does write about Skinny Pants. There are two versions of Skinny Pants: A dressy version and a more casual, pull-on style, priced $69 to $95.

I still think the shrink-wrap-the-body jeans idea using industrial-strength stretch fiber is a good one. Of course, those who want to be really comfortable and breathe normally wouldn't go for it.

Speaking of breathing, I held my breath when I watched a teenager who was determined to wear low-rise jeans, even though it was not her best look.

Walking behind her at the mall, I noted that her jeans were tight, so tight that flesh spilled out over the top. I thought how uncomfortable those jeans must be. But when she sat down at the food court, those around her were uncomfortable.

Note to low-rise wearers: Cleavage should be in the front only.

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