I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my purchase and for making this girl, and probably many others, feel pretty!
We are very lucky that you one day decided to design a garment that could bring so much enjoyment, and for surrounding your self with other wonderful hard working women who make skinnypants possible.

After receiving my skinny jeans, I love them so much I keep ordering more. They really do make you look skinny. Keep them coming!

I received my skinny jeans yesterday and I LOVE THEM. They make me look skinnier than I've ever been and they're so comfortable without a belt! I want so many more...

I have one pair of the Skinny Pants and have just ordered more. They make my body look way better than it really is and that makes me feel better. I constantly get compliments on them from men and women. They are worth every penny and I can't wait to get more. I'm really excited about the jeans. I'm tall so I love that you have the long lengths. I don't know how you do it, but whatever it is don't change a thing. These pants are the best thing to ever happen to my butt.

I received my katwalks yesterday. The size two fits very well (and look fantastic - they are wonderful and they do exactly what you said they would do.) Thanks so much!

A million thank yous for the gym pants. They are fantastic!! I can't believe the way these fit. I am going to tell all of my friends what they are and where to get them. These are fantastic and I hope they fly off the shelves and you make millions and feel great that you are making women look and feel their best.

I returned the pants because they made me look too skinny!

I cannot tell you how much I love - love - love my K-Two's. I travel to Europe for business often. I slip them on, go to sleep, wake up not bloated, looking trim and ready to get in a cab and go. Thank you, thank you for keeping us business travelers slim in flight !

Recv'd the 2 pairs of Katwalk Pants... The pants are great!! It was great talking to you! You have a wonderful product for women..you should be very proud!

Just a note to say I LOVE the pants. They were a hit at the fashion show the next day. One girl couldn't keep her hands or eyes off of them. She took all your info. Anyway, much success to you. Thanks for recognizing the tall thin girls pant problem!

I got them! Thank you thank you thank you!! They fit good and look great.....when I tried them on I couldn't get my boyfriend to stop touching my booty! Hee hee! Thanks you again for getting these to me, you went above and beyond good customer service. I will be sure to flaunt them around Europe :-)

Thanks for the Katwalk! I'm excited by the body-hugging fabulous fit. I'm grateful for your efforts to get the right size for me. I feel thin and sexy in my new Katwalks --more so than in any other pants in my wardrobe. My husband loves how I look in my SkinnyPants. You've got a winner!

I love my skinnypants. I wear them everyday. I am a size 8 and they make me look a size 6. Keep making new pants I will purchase every design.

I just ordered my second pair of Katwalk pants, I just love them, they not only hold you in, and hide any extra weight you may have gained. They truly are remarkable.

I received the pants. I love them! My daughter wants a pair. She is 6'1", size 6 or 8. I will order them when we decide on the size. Let me know when the jeans are available. Thanks again.

Skinny Pants- I love them! They fit great and make me look sooooo skinny! Thanks so much with the help on the sizing!

I received my Skinnypants and I want to tell you they are incredible. They look wonderful, they really hide a lot and they are extremely comfortable. I will tell all my friends. I wanted to give you my input because I think these pants are really, really awesome. Thank you.

I RECEIVED MY KATWALK PANTS TODAY. THEY ARE G-R-E-A-T. I LOVE THEM AND THE FIT IS GREAT. I ALSO TOLD TWO OF MY FRIENDS ABOUT THEM. I THINK THEY HAVE ALREADY ORDERED. PS: I know that you will be very successful in your business because you have the product that women want. I believe that you do not need lots of clothes.Just A FEW great pieces that look great.I am waiting for the jeans.

"I LOVED the skinnypant. Cant wait to get the Katwalk,,,They sure made you look skinny ,,I was wearing them and littery had to take them off and give them to somebody because they looked so good!!!
What a great invention!

I received my order today, well it was well worth the wait. They were waiting at my doorstep just in time for the gym, so I put them on and WOW!! my bumpy thighs where practically gone. The fabric is tight and forgiving, I did my cardio and weights in them and got more stares than usual, because they can lift too:-) Catherine, you are a true genius for inventing such a product and if you ever are looking for a sales rep, I would love to join your team in sales because I truly tried and believe in the product. I know several girls at my gym would be interested for sure. Thank you again for a great product, and as far as a sales rep I am serious, I am a happy customer.

I received the first of 2 pair of pants (the "Catwalks" are on backorder). They are WONDERFUL! They fit great, they are very comfortable, and best of all, I look like my legs go on forever! Thank you. Once I receive my other pants, I will compare the look and fit and will DEFINITELY order more!
What a great invention!

OH LORDIE LORD! I got your pants last week and had no clue what I was in for! The K-Two I wear ALL THE TIME! You are sitting on a goldmine with these skinny fit pants. I tell not only my little blister but the people I work with, folks on the train, etc. It's easy when you get so many complements and confidence thanks to a single pair of pants. The formula for the K-fit is beyond compare. Fabric, wide waistband, slight dip in the front, seams on the inside of the leg, all genius. .like a good Django tune while sipping bloody mary's so decadent they could be called a salad-11:57AM on a Sunday. Enid's perhaps. Dressed only in yer man's shirt, lil Brazilian flip flops and those beloved HOT FIT SKINNY PANTS K-TWO trousers from heaven! ....Now compare that to rockin' some Juicy sweats or whatever (most likely a Victoria's Secret copy), looking dumpy, frumpy, lumpy. Ew. Your concept RAWKS! Maybe take the thighs in a wee bit with the K two's but maintain the wide yummy forgiving waistband! Also, the K-two leg length and slight-discreet flare was carino-molto bella. As I mentioned before, I bought your pants with a universal girly ideal in mind- "make me appear skinny but chic not cheap." My job has put me in the position of explaining the virtues of Hussein Chalayan or Anne Valerie Hash's cut. . Stick with that slip on comfort and GAWD willing you will be bigger than Juicy or the rest of that dreck. The K-two would be worth $200. Really- your K-two reminded me of this demented version of Frederick's of Hollywood disco pants (you know, high waist, thich spandex, tapered leg...etc) I got at Pat Fields when I was in 10th grade. The material was even more thick but in a '50's corsetty sense- not a yoga late 90's sense. I remember those foxy pants cost around $160. And this was '95! OK. I've bothered you enough once again. Thank you so much! Miriam. I want your company to RULE!!! :-)

First off, I know those pants are lethal weapons!!!! Everywhere I wear them, the men go crazy. My husband and I went to a party, and a man gave me his phone number knowing full well my husband was there. That hasn't happened to me in years.
I walked into another Christmas party, wearing the Katwalks and a black sweater with fur trim - a man raced across the room to tell me how fabulous I looked and that he just couldn't resist telling me, and that he was shocked because he was gay. So I can do testimonials for your designs. we might even turn some of those gay guys around again (or maybe they want to wear them too).

I always struggle with that last ten pounds and have had a flat butt my entire life. Your Skinnypants have solved my problems. My butt looks so good I can't believe it. It looks high and ROUND and my legs look slimmer. I am so happy with K-Two that I ordered more so I always have extra pairs. Thank you skinnypants!!

After waiting awhile, my skinny pants just arrived today. I just want to tell you I tried them on and oh my God!!! They were worth the wait... Thank you..... Thank you... Thank you... I'll be placing more orders soon. Thanks again.

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