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SkinnyPants to the Rescue
Forget Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
these are the Real Deal!

Do you have that one pair of pants — maybe they're jeans or a simple black pair — that you just know would look awesome on you... if you lost just 5 pounds? Well, imagine you had that perfect pair of pants that looked fantastic any day of the month. Now your dreams can become a reality! SkinnyPants is the brainchild of Catherine Hart. They're specially-engineered pants made of a custom nylon-spandex-polyamide-elastane blend of fabrics. High-tech, durable, bi-stretch, non-shriking, non-fading, washable and breathable, they come in five different styles. The Katwalk ($90) are elegant, boot-cut, no-pocket, versatile pants you can dress up or down. And the K-Two ($65) are ideal for the gym — or a night out dancing! There are also capri and denim styles, as well as slimming tops, skirts and dresses. Losing inches has never been so easy. Go to and order yours now!

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