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Skin Deep with Samantha Altea

Every girl has her skinny pants, the ones she wears when she's feeling sexy and slim. Those pants are usually stuffed in the back of her closet waiting for the rare occasion when that day should come. But this holiday season, that day has come; and all the days after, for that matter. SkinnyPants are a new must have item for any woman's closet and one that will make her feel great all holiday season long. Thanks to the high tech engineering of new SkinnyPants we can all have a great pair of basic black pants that work like a girdle, but look soooo much better. The pants come in two designs, Katwalk's the boot cut look for day or night and K-Two's, for working out and hanging out. Both designs are classic looks that everyone wears, but these are pants you'll never want to take off. They tone, slim, and lift in all the right places. What better gift than giving someone you care about a coveted pair of skinny pants. Eat all you like this holiday season and still feel slim. Now that's a gift. Get Skinny pants at or 1-866-9HOTFIT

Happy Shopping and happy holidays to all my readers... speak to you next year.

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Illustrations by Louise A. Masano
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